Carondelet, CFA Ambassador cat!

We have decided to let our most successful breeding male, GC RW Featherland Carondelet, make his mark on the Norwegian Forest Cat breed in South Korea. We’ll be anxiously watching for news of his offspring.


2 thoughts on “Carondelet, CFA Ambassador cat!”

  1. Would love to see pictures of these beauties! I have adopted two of Featherland’s offspring from LA (their cat mom is Katrina, breeder is Pam) and they are the joys of my life. I am following fromsia on instagram because I think I knew at some point that this was the South Korean cattery. But I would love to see my guys’ Korean half brothers if you have pictures. You can see Featherland’s 4-year old boys, Magnus and Remington, at their instagram page @magnusoftheforest


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